In Memorial

Resin plaster.

2016 - 2017

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"The monolith stands as an imposing figure. A minimal structure imbued with complex meaning.

Parallel lines and right angles, flat planes, and a suggestion of mass. 

But the monolith is unfathomable, it is used to represent higher powers, emblematic of dictators and dystopias. A gateway to the apocalypse.

Yet in this regard we should not consider it exceptional, we are prone to elevate objects to the role of icon. Cigarettes, crucifixes, picket fences, lovers, all dressed up in meaning until the artifact itself becomes nothing more than abstract.

Although we may suggest finding an object with no fundamental meaning to be as improbable as touching the horizon, it is our desire to embellish that is being called to question.

And even the humble monolith has fallen victim."

Timothy Percival © 2020

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