Where Light Ends

Acrylic on canvas/acrylic on paper.


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"For the real houses of memory, the houses to which we return in dreams, the houses that are rich in unalterable oneirism, do not readily lend themselves to description. To describe them would be like showing them to visitors. We can perhaps tell everything about the present, but the past! The first, the oneirically definitive house, must retain its shadows."

Gaston Bachelard

'Where Light Ends' approaches our relationship with space as a philosophical inquiry. Built upon architectural scenes, the impact of such environments form the subject of the work.

Presenting an ethereal view, the works are both introvert and romanticised; forms are constructed from a haven of deep, personal shadows, and windows burnt in light offer the only anchor to the outside world.

The work is an intimate view exposing the perception, remembrance, and romanticisation of the environments of the past.

“In the mansion called literature I would have the eaves deep and the walls dark, I would push back into the shadows the things that come forward too clearly, I would strip away the useless decoration. I do not ask that this be done everywhere, but perhaps we may be allowed at least one mansion where we can turn off the electric lights and see what it is like without them.” 

Jun'ichirō Tanizaki

Timothy Percival © 2020


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